In Nikolett Balázs’ latest solo exhibition, the themes of her artistic practice unfold in large-scale installations. The material of the show consists of works created during her three-month residency program in Krems. The rich cultural heritage of the city and its continued preservation and representation significantly impacted the artist. In her work, earth colours, tough and primary materials meet different shades of symbolic gold and silver. Attitudes towards the region’s natural resources and heritage of the past are contrasted with social differences, deep-rooted religiosity, and the position of women.

The formulation of a grandiose installation constructed in the exhibition venue elicits an almost sacred, contemplative space. The artist stiffens and transforms the possible elements of the phases of self-examination into sculptural installations that evoke, among others, artefacts found during excavations, stratigraphic layers of mountain ranges, and feminine forms. The wide variety of natural formations, biomorphic forms and motifs evoking human genetics are woven into a complex system.

Nikolett Balázs dives into a unique search for identity, which focuses on the issues of the path of the individual and the community, the possible attitudes towards our environment and the past. Her research leads us through genesis stories and sacred myths to a clear, visual formation of a close-to-nature perspective.


/Extract of the curatorial text from Zsófia Danka/