Nikolett Balázs | Born Free

solo show

opening 16 Feb, 18:00
duration until 12 April 2024
ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN Bratislava, Mierová 7

Since we were born, we have been full of outer and inner obstacles, framing our lives in the most peculiar ways. Some of us stumble, some of us can use these blockages, even traumas growing as a better and stronger version of ourselves. The solo show of Nikolett Balázs tells a story about these processes through her sensual textile and wire based sculptures aiming for a deeper understanding of freedom and our own role in it.
First part of the exhibition space introduces the raw materials hanging there like in a workroom, waiting to start their journey. The main space has the sculpture in the middle, representing an ongoing process where the raw textile and wire starts to merge into one. On the walls painted, more constructed, finished pieces exhibited as different outcomes of the process.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts CouncilLogo FPU