The main character of THIRSTY WELL solo show

“The exhibition in Artkartell’s projectspace gathers objects around a well, constructed from painted or untreated raw canvas, scrap metal, tile adhesive, pur foam and XPS insulation boards. The works, hung on the wall with a crisp, dry effect, take on anthropomorphised forms, surrounding the fountain where the life-giving water dries up under oil stains, in a stale vat. The “thirsty well” is an oxymoron, a tank full of tense contradictions where water is out of place. An emblematic nylon foil used in the agriculture of today’s farm world leads to the lord of the well, the supreme textile sculpture that – as a deity, the crowned head of the throne room – holds sway over the precious fluid.”

On view: Budapest, Artkartell projectspace, 17 May – 17 June 2022

Curator: Gábor Rieder | Sponsor: PP Center | Photo credit: Dávid Biro