“The exhibition in Artkartell’s projectspace gathers objects around a well, constructed from painted or untreated raw canvas, scrap metal, tile adhesive, pur foam and XPS insulation boards. The works, hung on the wall with a crisp, dry effect, take on anthropomorphised forms, surrounding the fountain where the life-giving water dries up under oil stains, in a stale vat…Nikolett Balázs inhabits the space with her strange sculptures, completing the existing world with this missing formal order of hers. The rippling folds, which open and close like flowers, intertwine many layers of meaning beyond the feminist vulva symbolism, from folkloric tulip motifs to the symbolism of totemic individuality on flayed skin.”

On view: Budapest, Artkartell projectspace, 17 May – 17 June 2022
Curator: Gábor Rieder | Sponsor: PP Center | Photo credit: Dávid Biro