Nikolett Balázs’s (b. 1990) works are impressions of both personal experiences and
her local, Eastern European environment. Balázs constructs images from the memories of manual labour: she sews in linen with the sewing machine of her mother, smears the paint like butter in a baking pan, applies various weed species to make it resemble her long-forgotten thick hair and folds a large sheet of primed canvas into a foldable fan, like she used to do it with paper when Balázs was a kindergartener. What excites her is the deheroising of the numerous means of high art and the painting itself, making it sensual, playful and socially engaged.



MŰTŐ artist-run space


2019            NFTÖ Young Talents of Hungary Scholarship

2016            Barcsay Prize


2018-2019   Budapest Art Mentor

2015-2016   Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Teacher

2009-2015   Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Painter

Masters:  József Gaál, Mária Chilf,  Ákos Wechter

2005-2009   Medgyessy Ferenc Grammar School  Debrecen, drawing class

Solo shows

2019           Sensation Session – Four Room Gallery

2019           Game of snakes – Telep Gallery

2019           Clean Yard – Deák palota

2017           Inside-Out – Műtő project room

Group shows

2019            MATTER – MODEM Contemporary art Museum Debrecen

2019            The Tidal Flood Beneith the Lunar Sway – Cluj-Napoca

2019            Transition – Suomi Art Fair Helsinki

2019            Acidic Taste – Durden and Ray Gallery Los Angeles

2019            Dreams Upon waking – Műtő project room

2018            Break-out 2.0 – Műtő project room

2018            Break-out Independent Art Fair Stockholm

2016            Interferencia – Műtő project room

2016            Hélium Contemporary – A38 Exhibition space

2016            Barcsay Prize – Szentendre, Barcsay Museum

2015            There must be a window above every coach! – Hermina Gallery

2015            Studio Discourse – Godot Gallery

2015            Degree show – Barcsay room

2015            Thinking spaces – Ram colosseum

2014            Ludwig Scholarship group show – Barcsay room

2014            Gén-Tér-Kép – Artus Gallery

2013            Gender brush – Barcsay room

2013            Feminin-maszkulin – Műterem Gallery

2013            Attention – Mazart Gallery

2011            Mester and apprentice – Karinthy Salon


Mobile: +36 30 925 5454