Nikolett Balázs (1990) creates artworks that redifine classic artistic techniques and materials of our environment. Often originated from peripheral environments, she drags her found objects and poor materials form their millieu, and by recycling them she puts them in an artwork position, questioning their values and interpretation. The rusty wire bundle, industrial foam and waste wood integrate with the canvas, oil paint, and gypsum in one picture.

For Balázs, creating an artwork is a metamorphosis, the interpretation of our philosopiycal, ordinary, social and personal relationship with the material. Balázs folds, cuts, untwist, guts, sews, glues, forms, paints and constantly searches for new contexts of the materials. The playful, sensual, social and aesthetical natures of fine art are essential elements of Balázs’s art, wich become more human on the borderline of abstraction and figurality.

Each work tells a story about how our memories and feelings become tangible. As digitalisation becomes widespread, our relationship with materials, our own phisicality and the manual treatment of materials are becoming a more and more important topic. This elementary experience pulsates in Balázs’s work, embedded in the story of our own age and personal mythologies.




MŰTŐ artist run space


2019            Young Talents of  Hungary Scholarship NTP NFTÖ -19

2016            Barcsay Prize


Irokéz Collection

MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre public collection


2019            Villa R residency – Sicily


2018-2019   Budapest Art Mentor

2015-2016   Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Teacher

2009-2015   Hungarian University of Fine Arts – Painter

2005-2009   Medgyessy Ferenc High School and Secondary School of Fine Arts

Solo shows

2019           Sensation Session – Négyszoba Gallery | Budapest

2019           Game of Snakes – Telep Gallery | Budapest

2019           Clean Yard – Deák palace | Budapest

2017           Inside-Out – MŰTŐ | Budapest

Group Shows

2019            Matter – MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre | Debrecen | Hungary

2019            The Tidal Flood Beneith the Lunar Sway – Lateral ArtSpace | Cluj-Napoca

2019            Transition – Suomi Art Fair | Helsinki

2019            Acidic Taste – Durden and Ray Gallery | Los Angeles

2019            Dreams Upon waking – MŰTŐ | Budapest

2018            Break-out 2.0 – MŰTŐ | Budapest

2018            Break-out – Supermarket Independent Art Fair | Stockholm

2016            Interferencia – MŰTŐ | Budapest

2016            Hélium Contemporary – A38 Exhibition Space | Budapest

2016            Barcsay Prize – Barcsay Museum | Szentendre | Hungary

2015            There must be a window above every coach! – Hermina Gallery | Budapest

2015            Studio discourse – Godot Gallery | Budapest

2015            Degree show – Barcsay room | Budapest

2015            Thinking spaces – Ram colosseum | Budapest

2014            Ludwig scholarship group show – Barcsay room | Budapest

2014            Gén-Tér-Kép – Artus Gallery | Budapest

2013            Gender brush – Barcsay room | Budapest

2013            Feminin-masculine – Műterem Gallery | Budapest

2013            Attention – Mazart Gallery | Budapest

2011            Master and apprentice – Karinthy Salon | Budapest


Mobile: +36 30 925 5454